Fresh mushrooms picked in our woods served at the restaurant Inalto Col Margherita

Our high altitude cuisine

InAlto is a rare place of exquisite refinement, just like the air breathed here.

Simple dishes thought and prepared with care, by the young Resident Chef Gianluca Pittigher, that overlook appearance for its own sake or the more obvious aspects of tradition to focus instead on taste in a fresh and innovative way.

An honest cuisine, based on the experiences of mountain life, through which we, consciously or unconsciously, reveal something about us, our way of being and our thoughts.

We follow the seasons conscientiously, striving to make raw materials travel as little as possible.

We developed the same thinking for beverages, too. Marco Donazzolo, Restaurant Manager, chose wines mainly from artisan winegrowers, local beers, and our own juices from the ANTOLOGIA ALFIO GHEZZI line.

We are all here to give you the best possible experience. We put our hearts into it because that is what we like to do. We want you to feel happy and satisfied.