Meat and cheese platter with mustard and grilled vegetables at the restaurant Inalto Col MargheritaHomemade bread at the restaurant Inalto Col MargheritaFresh mushrooms picked in our woods served at the restaurant Inalto Col MargheritaFor dessert wild berries with whipped cream at the restaurant Inalto Col Margherita

Our high altitude cuisine

InAlto is not just a restaurant, it’s a place of relaxation, a hut where nature guides your gaze between the landscape and a fine selection of ingredients. Nothing is left to chance: a mise-en-place recalling the natural colours of wood, rock and ground.

Local dishes are re-interpreted in a modern key. The freshest, locally sourced ingredients are carefully selected in order to bring out the very best of local specialities. The menu includes a series of vegetarian proposals that make excellent use of mountain ingredients.