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Summer on Col Margherita

InAlto, at the top of Col Margherita, is the starting point for a series of activities for trekking and cycling enthusiasts, but also for relaxing high altitude walks.

InAlto is in the centre of the San Pellegrino Bike Trail with its three single trails and two flow trails connecting with each other, making the most impervious mountain accessible to experienced bikers but also to families with children and e-bike lovers.

The "Innamorati" single trail starts at Col Margherita and leads cycling enthusiasts over 13 km with a difference in altitude of 1,388 m. It descends towards Passo Valles on the route that in winter hosts the Pista degli Innamorati (Lovers' Trail). Continue towards Falcade on a section of the regional road, then turn right and descend to Malga Valles Alto and follow the Lovers' Trail to Caverson and from there to Falcade. With the cable car and then the chairlift and a further uphill section of about 45 minutes by bike you can return back to Col Margherita for a well-deserved aperitif with a view. For lovers of e-bikes, InAlto has six recharging stations.

The Col Margherita Park is interesting and can be reached with a very short walk. It is a theme park, designed and built in collaboration with the MUSE, the science museum of Trento, which is divided into an easy path that tells the history and formation of the Dolomites. On the highest and most panoramic point of Col Margherita, at an altitude of 2,550 metres, an interactive helm allows you to recognise the profiles of the Dolomite peaks that stand out all around you.

From summer 2021 Col Margherita will offer another interesting themed trail: a botanical garden that tells the story of the Dolomites' biodiversity.

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Air as pure as the Arctic Circle: Col Margherita

Do you want to breathe the air of the Arctic Circle while staying in Italy? You can do it, at Col Margherita!
Right on Col Margherita, in one of the places on Earth where it is easiest to imagine Paradise, scientists from the National Research Council (CNR-IDPA) and Ca' Foscari University of Venice are studying the chemical composition of the atmosphere in order to assess the impact of human activities and climate change on the planet's most remote and uncontaminated environments. An activity that allows them to be constantly updated on the climatic conditions at the summit.


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